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Mary's kids (From Steve Archibald)

I had a random thought about Mary today. I am back in Massachusetts and I am thrilled to be able to see Katie more often. I also started a new job that is in the same sphere as Julie. My colleague tells me how great Julie is and speaks of her kindness, care and intelligence. I get a message from Katie often and I think the same of her as my colleague's perceptions of Julie. I remember all the times at the Muse-Fisher house when I was in high school. It seemed like chaos half the time, but it was also a symphony, and every symphony needs a conductor. That was Mary. Seven children, all of whom are now accomplished in their own right, but mostly I see what the world sees in Mary's kids: Caring, intelligent, kind and good people. There can be no better testament to a life lived. I think of you randomly today, Mary. Your legacy is unparalleled.

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