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Dedication (Sherry and Jerry Smith)

We are deeply saddened for you, the Muse-Fisher family. Mary was dedicated to you, her friends, and our community. Our roles, working for students in El Dorado County, were heightened by Mary’s leadership on the El Dorado Union High School District Board. She was a forward-thinking member. Always known for asking the tough questions, many for which we had to conduct extensive research or thorough data collection and analyses. Frequently, grateful for the pursuit of deeper understanding, our students’ experiences were enriched as a result of her questioning. An unselfish advocate for students, Mary was responsible for many initiatives which led to higher achievement, improved services, and greater opportunities for El Dorado County’s youth.

On the personal level, we treasured a deep friendship with Mary. For the past twenty-two years, Jerry and I enjoyed many social events, your weddings, gatherings with friends, and casual dinners at your home. Mary delighted in sharing her family’s stories. She eagerly shared her family’s current travels, the accomplishments of each of you, and births of her growing family of beautiful grandchildren. Her struggles with her health over the past years did not diminish her pride in each and every one of you. She began each conversation with updates of you and your endeavors. That aspect of being a mother was foremost in her, from the first time we met Mary until my last conversation with her. Her presence is missed in her community, by her friends, and with you. Our hearts are extended to you during this time of loss. God bless each of you.


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