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I love you Mary! (from Kristen McKelvey)

Though today is Mother’s Day and I know your family desperately wishes you were here today, your life and the indelible mark you have made on this world will never be forgotten. From a young age, I have always looked up to you. I looked up to your strength and spirit. You always fought for those that couldn’t fight for themselves and you were always fair-minded, just and loving. Our families were so connected over the years...from the Riggs’ House as well as visits across the lawn when over at Grandpa Joe and Grandma Rene’s. You cultivated a home that invited everyone in who came through the front door. Your snack cabinet was always the best out of all of our friends. All of your kids are increíble human beings who emulate the love and care for others that you and Bill instilled in them all growing up. Thank you for raising Annie, my best friend.

I wish I could give you one more hug and smell your perfume (it was always my favorite scent!), but for now, we will celebrate the beautiful and amazing life you lived. You are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. I love you, Mary!


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