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Mary Theresa Muse — February 2, 1950-May 5, 2020 (from Peter J. Kaplan)


I first met Mary when I was a teenager growing up in Brookline, MA. Her brother Peter and I became fast friends in our freshman year of high school and grew to be pretty much inseparable. This allowed me the great privilege and pleasure to become close with all of the Muse family from Big Bob and Moonie right on down the line.

(Mary, a high school classmate of my mother's at Girls' Latin when she answered to Mary Beatty, was never called "Moonie" by me although I was an adopted family member. I referred to her only as Mrs. Muse out of a deep respect).

From the first time I met Mary T. I was impressed with her beauty inside and out. She was kind, generous, smart, loyal, adventurous and had a terrific sense of humor. A mile wide, that sense of humor. Her goodness knew no bounds.

Oh yes. And another thing.

As my beloved Liz observed after having met Mary for the first time, she had this unique and uncanny capacity and quality to make you feel special when conversing. With Mary it was as if you--and only you--were in an otherwise bustling room.

And the rooms always bustled.

As time passed we saw each other less frequently of course but the foundation of a wonderful friendship and relationship was rock-solid. I eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed being in her company--and yours too Bill--always.

To those so sadly left behind, try to be happy that you were fortunate enough to have had Mary as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and magnificent presence in your lives. She was a powerhouse and a titan, a truly fantastic human being.

Remember all the good things and focus on them because that's the way she'd want it.

I loved Mary, as I know all of you did.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

With great affection and much love,

Peter J. Kaplan


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