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Meeting Mary (from Cata Atria)

I was introduced to Mary by Annie, but got to really know her in Tahoe. She generously let several of Annie's friends stay for a long weekend. One night everyone decided to go the casinos but I decided to stay back. Mary asked if it was ok to join... as if she needed permission in her own house. We began a long conversation, or rather, many different ones that wove in and out of each other. We spoke about our experiences, some shared, some not: love, having children, being an immigrant daughter and growing up in a dictatorship, law, being a mom of such a large family in the US, Tahoe, food, being a woman... as many mundane and as many profound things as you can fit in a couple of hours. It was late, and quiet, and cozy inside. We sat quietly too; in comfort. I felt like I had grown up talking to her, as with the moms of my friends back home. Her generosity and sense of humor are what I will remember most. All my love to the Muse-Fishers.

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