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Remembering Mary (from Rita and John Sudman)

We are remembering Mary - all the wonderful memories we shared through the years in El Dorado County. When we married and moved to El Dorado Hills in 1978, it was a far different place. Soon we met Mary and Bill and knew we would immediately be friends. We remember all the dinners held at various houses in the area as there were no restaurants. It's interesting that these events were the most memorable. John and Mary shared many experiences - and a few stories only to be told over drinks - in the courts in Placerville. We were all active in the legal Bar Association for many years and put on some memorable dances. We also campaigned with her for many candidates through the years. She was a great American.

Mary was also a great community leader, especially on the school board. We know that Mary upheld high standards, particularly when education was under attack from certain people who didn't want great literature in the schools. We appreciated her many years on the school board. She was a role model as a working mom. I admired her and learned from her example. Many young women, including our daughter Suzanne, were set a great model.

And who can ever forget the Christmas parties Mary and Bill put on every year. I mean who gets Santa and Mrs. Santa to come to their house and entertain all the neighborhood children - year after year!

Mary made everything in her life look easy but, of course, it wasn't always that smooth. I used to tease her that she even had 7 children in less labor time than I spent having one baby! In her later years, she was a very brave lady. Truly an inspiration - not to be forgotten..

Rita & John Sudman


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