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Thank You (from Steve Seely)

Mary Muse

Her smile

and laugh

Wry, ironic,


Always intelligent conversation

Never uninteresting

Constantly curious,

invested in others

Deep in the heart,

alongside the ventricles

You’d discover mostly Purpose

Ambition to make a better world

A mom with Lake Wobegon children,

A large passel of them

Kids you couldn’t help but love

Kids she loved more than life itself,

Truly exceptional kids,

she talked of


but never with a trace of the brag

Just simple, humble pride and belief in their fundamental goodness

Fervent, worth-more-than-gold-to-a-teacher,


Thank you. They don’t get better. Good-bye Mary. You are missed. To the family, my deepest condolences. She was one of my all time favorite humans. I was much richer for knowing her. And you.


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