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Yaya (from Jack Giordano)

My grandmother, Mary Theresa Muse, better know to me as "Yaya", was an extraordinary woman. She was one of the nicest people that I had ever met. She always was there for us, and always doing generous things. One moment I have to share was in 2014, when we were at the Lake Tahoe house celebrating the fourth of July. Me and all of the other kids, were doing a pinata, and we were all on the grass below the house, and Yaya was on the deck holding the pinata. All of the younger kids went first to hit it, and then it was my turn. I stepped up, grabbed the bat, and took a swing. But while I was swinging, Yaya pulled the Pinata up, and instead of hitting the Pinata, I hit Yaya's son, my Uncle Michael.We could hear Yaya laughing up on the deck. I am really going to miss her.


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